The debut release of A/O.


Written and Produced by Greyson Davison.

Cover design by Eva Heaps and Greyson Davison.

Eva Heaps – drum, vocals
Aaron DeCamp – guitar, clocks
Greyson Davison – vocals, guitar, bass, piano, keyboards

Released June 14, 2019

© all rights reserved

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remember when you used to be the madonna
I prayed for with my rosary
we spent all our money and travelled up north
just to be with your family
and I didn’t all the times that you cried
and said you didn’t know what to be
but you said that I was the worst of our problems
so maybe the blame is on me

remember the sweater you forced me to buy
so that I wouldn’t be in the cold
occasionally I still wear it but I find
it hurts when it touches my skin
and I kinda minded when you said you’d die
unless I gave you all of my time
but you said that you were the best I could do
and so maybe the problem is mine

and maybe
this is over
’cause I
couldn’t love you enough
and maybe
you have moved on
without me
I can hope so


are you still weak for me?
I don’t suppose that we
could meet and talk some time?
regards, if you decline

and I know things may seem alright
but I can’t say the same out of sight

split in the open door
and who were we before?
our boundaries blurred and blind
so often ill-defined

and I know that we can’t retry
but I can’t seem to say…


I loved you but I never wanted
to see you when the morning came I know that
it may seem perhaps unusual
but I suspect it will be clearer with time

and in the winter we came apart
you told me you were indifferent to me, but
I know you thrive off of the attention
just needed a friend to not leave you behind

where do we go from here?
out of the window seems apropos
you sold them on your lies
and they think you’re fine but I know better
do you recall the times,
talks on the phone to keep you breathing?
you had me on a string,
a marionette, and I performed for you.


no need
to reply

I am aware
this is the end
so I must say
goodbye old friend

from before
we are

and there isn’t much
that I’d say for sure
but I can say
I loved you more

maybe we can talk about it
I don’t want to live without it
seeing you and I grow older
maybe we can try this over
losing you has made me colder
maybe we can try this over
dying from the lack of closure
maybe we can try this over